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Name Ivan Ilijasic
About Me Ahoy, I'm Ivan (27 years old) from Zagreb, Croatia. I work as application developer in Allianz . I've been working on web projects for almost a decade. During my professional and college education I worked with several technologies: PHP, .NET, Java, Adobe Flex, Oracle Developer platform and with different database management systems: Oracle, MySQL, PgSQL, DB2, SQL Server.I worked for some of the major companies in this region: Croatia Health Insurance, Pliva Croatia Co. and Raiffeisen Bank Austria. During this period I worked on a lot of different project as a freelancer, project and office manager, education manager, IT team leader and IT consultant. In April 2009 I became Adobe ZgFlex User Group co-manager and I hope that my contribution in this group will create a boost in promotion of Adobe development platform in this region.
Position Application Developer, IT Consultant


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