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Flash User Interface Application Developer

Job Opportunity posted 06/07/11 by jeffjoneslive.com , tagged: Contract, Design, Development, flash
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Job Title
Flash User Interface Application Developer

Company Name

Company Address
Mountain View, CA
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Employment Status

Start Date

Project Duration
3 months

Employer Contact
Jeff Jones

Contact Phone

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Job Description

We are working on a Flash based application that runs on touch screens in the 2012 Ford vehicles. There is an existing application that we need to optomize because it is a bit sluggish and locks up so we need someone with good coding and optomization skills. A big part of the project is taking .png files and .jpg files from designers and replacing the existing User Interface with the new images that is the reskinning part. In adittion to reskinning, the graphics are done and just need to be exported from photoshop and imported into Flash to replace the existing UI.  There are a few hundred .fla files and .as files the application is very fragmented and there is probably a few hundred thousand lines of code bloat that needs to be refractored and optomized. We have three months so candidates should be able to jump into ActionScript 2.0 code and run fast. There is no time to rewrite the application were not looking to rearchitect the application at this point the assembly line is going to start rolling this project is limited to reskinning and optomizing the esisting features no new features or changes are allowed.

Required Experience

Expert at ActionScript 2, Photoshop, Flash CS5

Desired Experience

You have to have worked on several Flash applications that went into production for large corporations going against live data that stay up. Doing a sample from Lynda.com or your personal website or college projects don't count.

Required Skills

You need to be an expert at Flash and ActionScript not Flex or MXML Flash CS5 and ActionScript 2 not 3.

Local Candidates
local preferred